Ouvertüre 01
English Ewigkeit
Kanji 悠久
Rōmaji Yūkyū
Release December 22, 2006
Running Time 25 Minutes
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N/A 02. Eitelkeit

Ewigkeit (悠久 Yūkyū) is the first episode of the Rozen Maiden Ouvertüre OVA, which reveals the history of Suigintou. It first aired in Japan, on December 22, 2006.

Short Summary

One day, Jun brings home a new brooch for Shinku's outfit. To his surprise, she seems upset about this and coldly refuses his gift. Thankfully, Souseiseki notices Jun’s confusion and begins to explain the events surrounding their first contact with Suigintou in the distant past. Now, Jun finally learns the origin of Shinku and Suigintou's hatred for each other – in addition to why Shinku refuses to wear the beautiful new brooch Jun bought for her.

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  • "Ewigkeit" is german and means "Eternity".


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