Rozen Maiden: Gebetgarden

619264-rozen maiden gebetgarten large

Rozen Maiden Gebetgarten LE Cover

Manga Information
Genre Fighting Game
Publisher Taito Corporation
Available on Playstation 2
Release Date March 22, 2007

Rozen Maiden: Gebetgarten is the second official Rozen Maiden game which was released on March 22, 2007.[1] It is a 3-D fighter made by Taito Corporation with cel-shaded graphics. It is available for the PlayStation 2 console. Its soundtrack, Rozen Maiden Beilege Disk 2, was included with the preorder.[2]


Two versions were marketed for release: a "normal" one, which only included the game, and a special edition which also included a Rozen Maiden handwatch, similar to the one would could get for the limited version of Rozen Maiden: Duellwalzer. However, instead of Shinku, there is a silhouette of Suigintou inside and it is silver instead of golden.



  • "Gebetgarten" is german for "Prayer Garden".[3]
  • This game is use the same system in Psychic Force series.

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