Kazuha Yuibishi
Kanji 結菱 一葉
Rōmaji Yuibishi Kazuha
Gender Male
Status Alive
Alice Game
Partner Souseiseki (Formerly)
Voice Actors
Japanese N/A
First Appearance
Manga N/A

Kazuha Yuibishi (結菱 一葉 Yuibishi Kazuha) is Souseiseki's wealthy master in the manga of Rozen Maiden.



Kazuha is the master of Souseiseki. He lives in a place called Barayashiki (薔薇屋敷), which name translated into English means "The House of Rose." He had planned to use Souseiseki to cut down the life tree of the woman his brother fell in love with, until he later realizes that he actually does not wish her to suffer like he had. Later, in volume 7, he and Suiseiseki reconcile and she visits him periodically to have tea with him.


References and Citations

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