Kaito Toriumi
Toriumi kaito
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Brown
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Alice Game
Partner None
Voice Actors
Japanese None
First Appearance
Manga Tale 31

Sakurada Jun's classmate, highly interested in Rozen Maiden dolls. He only appears in the manga and is first introduced in Tale 31. Kaito is an acquaintance of Kirakishou and is planning to make a real human body and some 'sisters' for her.


Kaito has blonde hair and brown eyes. He's always wearing his school uniform as well. 


He is shown as kind to those like Mitsu and Jun, but other times he seems to have a obsession for making his dolls become Alice as well. It is also shown that he is a maestro, someone who can fix and bring life to a Rozen Maiden, for he has brought to life multiple dolls. In one of the leaked untranslated chapter pieces, it is hinted that he brought Suiseseki back to life and sewed her green eye shut with a needle and thread, after she has been defeated by his own twin doll pair that he created.


  • He is most likely the manga's version of Enju from Rozen Maiden Träumend.


References & Citations

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