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Corinne Fosset
Kanji コリンヌ・フォッセー
Rōmaji Korinnu Fossē
Hair color Black
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Alice Game
Partner Hinaichigo (Formerly)[citation needed]
Voice Actors
Japanese N/A
First Appearance
Anime N/A

Corinne Fosset (コリンヌ・フォッセー| Korinnu Fossē) is the former medium of Hinaichigo, before Tomoe. Corinne unwillingly left Hinaichigo behind in her case when her family was forced to flee their home to avoid getting caught up in a war and was crushed to find that the family home had been destroyed - and Hinaichigo seemingly with it - after they returned later. Her dying wish was for her granddaughter, Odille, to find Hinaichigo and bring her back to France.





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